.:A-Silver Lining:. Hi there! Welcome to my personal blog! You may know me as "Priestess-Mars" (now Moonlight-Romance) but this is just about me; daily me. Posts I like, interests I have and the type of person I am.

My name is Sabrina, 21 candles blown and I live in Canada.
Interests: Marvel, Japanese culture, anime, Sherlock Holmes, FRIENDS, Adventure Time, dinosaurs, astronomy, singing, writing, reading, cats and cosplaying.
I'm generally a nice person so if we have similar interests, I'm sure we'll hit it off :)
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The Pigeon

it’s back


This is the single best post I’ve ever seen. 

itsseiya said:
honey bun <3 Hope you feel better + Im always on skype if you need me, dear. xxxooo -Lil (your darling Seiya)

:c Thanks Lil <3 I appreciate it. Are you still active as Seiya? 

I am so tired of fighting. Things are getting extremely rough between us and I just feel that you don’t care anymore. I feel like I’m the biggest fucking joke to you and you don’t hide it. You laugh in my face all the time and you never give me the hugs and kisses when I need them. 

The other day we find out we may be getting evicted and I cried so hard because I felt bad I couldn’t help you. What was the point? It’d be better if I was out of your life anyways. It seems like that’s what you want. 

I always think about marrying you, but now I’m so unsure. It’s only been 3 years and 5 months between us, can I really put up with this shit for the rest of my life? You’re never there for me anymore. Ever. 

Wtf do I even do? I’m so lost…


Evangelion exhibit, Tokyo Japan Source:  http://asahi.com/event/evangelion/




I love this quote. I love this movie.

This scene impressed me so much when I first saw it. It still fills me with… idk something. I love it.

Still one of my favorite lines from a movie ever. 



some one put the best vines together and yah it’s really cool

and sorry to disappoint some people, the girl with the huge boobs doesn’t actually show up in the video :p

I’m so glad the girl with the giant boobs didn’t turn me off of watching this video. 


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Fangirl Challenge: [1/10] TV Shows

Doctor Who

I’ll be with him. Like I should be. Me and Rory together.


eleven & clara + linking arms



”That is what makes you so fabulously human” 


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