.:A-Silver Lining:. Hi there! Welcome to my personal blog! You may know me as "Priestess-Mars" (now Moonlight-Romance) but this is just about me; daily me. Posts I like, interests I have and the type of person I am.

My name is Sabrina, 21 candles blown and I live in Canada.
Interests: Marvel, Japanese culture, anime, Sherlock Holmes, FRIENDS, Adventure Time, dinosaurs, astronomy, singing, writing, reading, cats and cosplaying.
I'm generally a nice person so if we have similar interests, I'm sure we'll hit it off :)
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Please Help!

Anyone living in the Temple area, my parents lost their younger cat Casper out in -30 an hour ago. They have a flight to catch later. He’s light grey and white. He has white paws that look like socks. Please try to look for him and bring him to a vet, otherwise he will die in the cold. His collar has his chip number. Since I live in Toronto, I don’t have a very recent photo of him, but any cat that looks like this, could be him, he’s 2 years old now. If you know anything, please email me at sabrinanawaz@hotmail.com

„><„ CAT!!!!!! 

Stalking Cat~

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XD people post the weirdest things on my facebook newsfeed…”Gandalf cat”

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